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Patio Doors Installation in Greater Chicago, Illinois

Installing a patio door is a great way to give your home a modern feel by letting in more sunshine while maintaining superior security.

Due to the door’s expansive glass panes, your indoor spaces will look bigger and feel brighter because of the additional natural light. Patio doors are built with durable components and designed for easy operation, allowing them to last longer than conventional doors.

For more than a decade, Window & Siding Planet has been installing patio doors for homeowners in the Chicago area. We carry folding, sliding or swinging patio doors, as well as French patio doors. Our products are available in vinyl, steel, wood, fiberglass or aluminum. 

Added Value Options for Patio Doors

To make your patio doors more energy-efficient or more attractive, we can install the following options:

  • Built-in blinds
  • Window grids
  • Decorative glass
  • Low-E glass panes

Each of our units can be customized to suit your needs and the architectural style of your home.

Upgrade Your Home with an Ultraweld Patio Door 

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At Window & Siding Planet, windows are not the only premium glass products that we offer. We proudly carry Polaris patio and entry door systems as well. Ultraweld patio doors by Polaris feature Polaris’ exclusive vinyl compound, which retains its perfect appearance for decades to come. Ultraweld patio doors feature:

  • One-piece construction accomplished via fusion welding.
  • Aluminum reinforcement with a slope seal to guide rainwater out and away.
  • Solid maintenance-free vinyl that maintains its color and beauty.
  • Iridium coated rollers to protect against corrosion; Window and Siding Planet patio doors won’t succumb to the elements.
  • Laminated glass for stronger protection in certain models.

Trust Window & Siding Planet to Fulfill Your Patio Door Needs

When you are ready for a patio door at your Chicago home, give us a call at 847-440-3448 or contact Window & Siding Planet online. Our friendly operators will be ready to assist you and give you a free quote.